The Stakeholder is the information about the stakeholder, including the Entity of the stakeholder and profit sharing ratio hint. Also, if the current digital work is a derivative work, then the source of underlying work is also registered as a creation footprint.


  "@context": {
    "rdf": "",
    "rdfs": "",
    "schema": "",
    "iscn": ""
  "@id": "iscn:StakeholderInfo",
  "@type": "rdfs:Class",
  "rdfs:comment": "One entry of the stakeholder list of the content, describing who or which content should be cited for the contribution to the content, and how much should the contribution be rewarded.",
  "rdfs:label": "StakeholderInfo",
  "rdfs:subClassOf": {
    "@id": "schema:Thing"


  "entity": {
    "@id": "",
    "name": "Chung Wu"
  "rewardProportion": 95,
  "contributionType": ""


Property Expected Type Description
entity [entity] An entity object.
rewardProportion [rewardProportion] An rewardProportion object.
contributionType [contributionType] An contributionType object.