ISCN Record

The ISCN Record is the core metadata that acts as a kernel of ISCN, and it connects the content itself, the stakeholders and the intellectual property rights with a unique global identifier.


  "@context": {
    "rdf": "",
    "rdfs": "",
    "schema": "",
    "iscn": ""
  "@id": "iscn:Record",
  "@type": "rdfs:Class",
  "rdfs:comment": "An ISCN record, recording the metadata of the content. The registry generating this record should create a unique identifier (the ISCN ID) for this record.",
  "rdfs:label": "Record",
  "rdfs:subClassOf": {
    "@id": "schema:Thing"


    "@context": {
        "@vocab": "",
        "recordParentIPLD": {
            "@container": "@index"
        "stakeholders": {
            "@context": {
                "@vocab": "",
                "entity": "",
                "rewardProportion": "",
                "contributionType": "",
                "footprint": ""
        "contentMetadata": {
            "@context": null
    "@type": "Record",
    "@id": "iscn://likecoin-chain/btC7CJvMm4WLj9Tau9LAPTfGK7sfymTJW7ORcFdruCU/2",
    "recordTimestamp": "2021-03-23T12:00:00+08:00",
    "recordVersion": 2,
    "recordNotes": "Add IPFS fingerprint",
    "recordParentIPLD": {
        "/": "bahuaierav3bfvm4ytx7gvn4yqeu4piiocuvtvdpyyb5f6moxniwemae4tjyq"
    "contentFingerprints": [
    "stakeholders": [...],
    "contentMetadata": {...


Property Expected Type Description
context URL Context of this ISCN record and its linked data. Please refer to the sample for context used for each field.
type String The type of this entry, which is Record
id String This is the identifier of ISCN, and it is in the format:

registry-code: The reserved code for a registry.
unique-id: Any string contains alphanumeric and hyphens which is [a-z][A-Z][0-9]-, provided that is unique within the given registry.
version: Once the digital content is registered, the version counts as 1. When there is any update later, the version number will go up one by one. Whenever the version is going up, the registry-code and unique-id must keep the same. Otherwise, it is an invalid ISCN. The version is optional, and if it does not provide, it means the latest version.

For example:
1/abc-xyz-123: Latest version of the ID abc-xyz-123 and from registry 1
2/music-010-1234/3: Version 3 of the ID music-010-1234 and from registry 2.
recordTimestamp recordTimestamp The timestamp of the creation or the modification of the ISCN record. It should be a human-readable DateTime and recommends to use ISO 8601.
recordVersion recordVersion A recordVersion value
recordNotes recordNotes A recordNotes value
recordParentIPLD recordParentIPLD A recordParentIPLD value
contentFingerprints contentFingerprints A contentFingerprints object
stakeholders stakeholders A stakeholders object
contentMetadata contentMetadata A contentMetadata object