Right schema

Schema: Meta -> Right
Version: 1

The Right describes the intellectual property rights granted by law, and it records that who is the holder, where and when the right applies and the detail of the terms of the right.


Property Occurs Expected Type Description
context 1 URL The location of this schema:
holder 1 Entity A linked data to the Entity that describes the right holder.
type 1 String A type of the right. For example, if the digit content uses a creative commons license, then the type should be "license".
terms 1 String A linked data links a plain text of a legal document of the right.
period 0~1 TimePeriod A period in which the right is valid. If no from is provided, the start time should be the time of creation or modification, or if no to is provided, the end time should follow the law by different territories.
territory 0~1 String A territory where the right applied, it recommends using ISO 3166-1.