Stakeholder schema

Schema: Meta -> Stakeholder
Version: 1

The Stakeholder is the information about the stakeholder, including the Entity of the stakeholder and profit sharing ratio hint. Also, if the current digital work is a derivative work, then the source of underlying work is also registered as a creation footprint.


Property Occurs Expected Type Description
context 1 URL The location of this schema:
type 1 String The type is one of the following:
  • Creator
  • Contributor
  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • FootprintStakeholder
stakeholder 1 Entity A linked data to the Entity that describes the stakeholder.
sharing 1 Decimal The hint on the ratio of the profit-sharing, the value is in the range [0.0, 1.0], and the sum of sharing MUST be 1 inside Stakeholders.
footprint 0~1* ISCN | URI A linked data to ISCN or any valid URI that link to the underlying work of the digital content.

\ If the type is FootprintStakeholder, the footprint property must be provided and link back to the underlying work.*